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How to apply

Membership in the EfIP network is open to all academic economists. The “price of membership” for EfIP is a 10-12 page policy brief, which can be coauthored by up to 2 applicants, who should be academic economists. The briefs must be original texts (not published elsewhere) and will be blind-reviewed by two existing members of EfIP for consistency with EfIP’s mission, namely:

  1. The brief must advance an original policy proposal or policy direction.
  2. The policy/policies considered must fall under the rubric of inclusive prosperity, broadly understood.
  3. The analysis must be based on sound scholarship in economics (that is, supported by peer-reviewed research in widely accepted economics journal).

Referees will be expected to make simple up/down decisions, and if both say yes, the authors of the proposal are admitted. If split, then the co-directors may ask another member to be a referee, or otherwise exercise discretion.

We want to encourage the development of practical ideas rooted in economics, and we want to be as transparent and focused on ideas (rather than personalities) as possible. We will consider all proposals on an equal footing, blinded so that superior connections or status in the discipline are not disproportionately rewarded. The policy brief is the sole basis of membership.

While initially U.S. focused, we are open to proposals that concern other advanced economies as well as developing countries, so long as they are consistent with the 3 principles above.

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To contact us about membership or to submit your policy brief, please email us at the link below.

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