Inaugural Conference

Benjamin Kuehn

To be held at the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Organized by Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton), Atif Mian (Princeton), Suresh Naidu (Columbia), Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard), and Gabriel Zucman (Berkeley)*

Draft Schedule

March 30

8:30-8:45Welcome and opening remarks

Policy Panels 1

8:45-9:45Energy Transition
Mar Reguant (Northwestern), Joe Shapiro (Berkeley), Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard)
9:45-10:45Health Policy
Marcella Alsan (Harvard), Zach Cooper (Yale), Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton)
10:45-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Tax Policy
Kimberly Clausing (UCLA), Juliana Londoño-Vélez (UCLA), Gabriel Zucman (Berkeley)
12:00-1:00Industrial Policy
Pierre Azoulay (MIT), Erica Fuchs (CMU), Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Chuck Sabel (Columbia)
Policy Panels 2
2:00-3:00Access to and Financing of Higher Education
Jesse Rothstein (Berkeley), David Deming (Harvard), Sue Dynarski (Harvard)
3:00-3:15Coffee Break
Economics Panels 1
3:15-4:15Labor Market and Wage Dynamics After Covid
Anna Stansbury (Sloan), Sydnee Caldwell (Berkeley), Simon Jager (IZA)
4:15-5:15Market Structure and Industrial Organization: Do we need a new antitrust standard?
Steve Berry (Yale), Ioana Marinescu (UPenn), Tommaso Valletti (ICL)

Day 2

Economics Panels 2

9:00-10:00Innovation, Business Dynamism and Growth
Ufuk Akcigit (Chicago), Barbara Biasi (Yale), Petra Moser (NYU)
10:00-11:00Inflation and Macro-Stability
Atif Mian (Princeton), Anat Admati (Stanford), Gauti Eggertson (Brown), Wendy Carlin (UCL)
11:00-11:15Coffee Break
11:15-12:15Globalization with Nuance
Jayati Ghosh (UMass), Henry Farrell (Johns Hopkins), and Michael Clemens (CGD), moderated by Dani Rodrik (Harvard)
1:30-2:30The Composition of the Economics Discipline
Zachary Bleemer (Yale), Anna Stansbury (Sloan), Sandra Black (Columbia)
2:30-2:45Coffee Break

Blue-sky Panels

2:45-3:45Philanthropy and a New Economics?
William Janeway (Cambridge, Princeton, and Warburg Pincus), Brian
Kettenring (Hewlett), Shayna Strom (Equitable growth)
3:45-4:45Evidence and Institutional Redesign
Rediet Abebe (Berkeley, TBC), Eva Vivalt (U Toronto), Max Kasy (Harvard), Arin Dube (UMass Amherst)
4:45-5:30Closing discussion and next steps

[*] We thank the Hewlett Foundation and the Wiener Center for financial and logistical support.