Jessica De Simone

February 26, 2021, 11:30am-1:00pm (US Eastern Time)

Introduced by Suresh Naidu (Columbia)
Moderated by Gavin Wright (Stanford)

Shari Eli (Toronto)
Jonathan Levy (Chicago)
Trevon Logan (Ohio State)
Caitlin Rosenthal (Berkeley)

There is a long-standing, sometimes contentious, dialogue between American economic historians and historians of the U.S. economy. The rise of large-scale historical datasets (e.g. complete count censuses and genealogical datasets) and digital archives and sources have created new overlaps in objects of study while also exposing the different intellectual values that orient the two disciplines. This panel will engage historians and economic historians in a dialogue about similarities and differences in methodologies and reasons for studying history, especially the history of U.S. racial inequality.

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